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  • Serena and federer-an intersting similarity

    The name 'Roger Federer" begins and ends with the same alphabet.
    Similarly the name "Serena Williams" also begins and ends with the same alphabet.
    Birth number of Roger Federer is 8.
    Birth number of Serena Williams is also 8.
    Both of them have 17 grand slams each(1+7=8).


    What is not in a name!
    Occult number of Kate Middleton is 49(4+9=13,1+3=4).
    Her name carries 13 characters.
    Occult number of Catherine is 31(3+1=4).
    Is it a coincidence that she has been admitted to hospital on July 22(2+2=4).
    Kate and William are now 31(3+1=4).
    Numbers 1 and 4 are mutually lucky.
    Occult number of William is 19(1+9=10,1+0=1).
    However,by virtue of her birth date,numbers 3/6/9 are lucky for her.
    Same is the case with William.
    William married Kate on 29th.
    Number 29 is the fate number of William.
    Then,which number will influence more on the birth of the baby?
    If number 4 exerts more influence,she is likely to deliver the baby on 22nd.
    By virtue of their birth dates,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday are lucky for both William and Kate.

  • Sabine Lisicki seems to have the last laugh

    Marion Bartoli was born 2 October 1984.

    Sabine Lisicki was born 22 September 1989.
    Their birth number and fate number are different.
    Both of them have similarities also.
    Their names carry 13 alphabets each(1+3=4).
    Occult number of Marion Bartoli is 40(4+0=4).
    Occult number of Sabine Lisicki is 31(3+1=4).
    Sabine Lisicki is 4 years younger than Marion Bartoli.
    But number 4 is more powerful for Sabine Lisicki.
    Because,her birth number is 4.
    Also,her fate number is 40(4+=4).
    Who will have the last laugh in the final?
    On the face of it,Sabine Lisicki seems to be luckier now.
    Her Sun Sign is represented by 5.
    She is now 23 years old(2+3=5).
    Sabine Lisicki defeated Agnieszka Radwańska on july 4.
    Agnieszka Radwańska is now ranked 4th.
    Sabine Lisicki defeated Serena Williams in the 4th round on July 1.
    Date 1 and 4 are mutually lucky.
    fate number of July 6,2013 is 19(1+9=10,1+0=1).
    So,this fate number has harmonious vibration with fate number of Sabine Lisicki.
    It seems that Sabine Lisicki will have the last laugh.


    Number 8 is lucky for Roger Federer and Serena Williams.Federer has won 17 Grand Slams(1+7=8).But,his bid to win 8th Wimbledon did not see the result.Interestingly,he was defeated by the 116th opponent(1+1+6=8).
    Serena Williams was aiming her 17th Grand Slam.There is another similarity among Roger Federer and Serena Williams.Each name begins and ends with the same alphabet(Name,Roger Federer,begins and ends with R).Also,both were born in 1981.The year 2014 will be a turning point in their life,as per the following calculation.
    Born in 1981.


    LK Advani is now under the adverse influence of planet Saturn.He is suffering from "Kandaka Sani". When planet Saturn moves through the 4th/7th/10th Signs from ones Moon Sign one is under the bad spell of "Kandaka Sani". Now planet Saturn is moving through Libra. The Moon Sign of LK Advani is Aries. Libra is the 7th from Aries. Thus LK Advani is suffering from KandakaSani. This creates a lot of tension. Like Kandaka Sani,another phenomena is "Ezhara Sani". It is caused when Saturn moves through the 12th/1st/2nd Sign of ones Moon Sign. Those whose Moon sign is Virgo/Libra/Scorpio are now under the bad spell of "Ezhara Sani". Moon Sign of BJP is Scorpio. Interestingl,Moon Sign of Narendra Modi is also Scorpio. More interestingly,Rahul Gandhi,Oommen Chandy,Ramesh Chennithala and K Muraleedharan were born under the Moon Sign of Scorpio. However,the quantity and results of bad effects of Kandaka Sani or Ezhara Sani varies from persons to persons. This is due to the fact that the "bala"(power) of Saturn varies in individual horoscpe. That is why weekly predictions generally go wrong.


    Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is known as the Hindutva party. It is not correct, because the only party, which inherits at least some qualities of the Sanatana Dharma, is the Congress. BJP has always tried hard to project Hinduism as an aggressive ideology. Being tolerant, the Indian National Congress (INC) has been acceptable to all sections of the country, despite various deficiencies.
    Ram Temple Issue
    The BJP turned 33 on April 6. This is a lucky age for the BJP. Age 33 represents 6 (3+3=6). The power struggle in the BJP is once again out. Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel has projected LK Advani as PM candidate.
    Rajnath Singh has declared Narendra Modi as the most popular leader in the country. But, what is now the most serious matter is the raking up of the Ram temple issue by the BJP. L K Advani has come out with certain statements in this regard.
    The BJP is not sincere about the Ram Temple. If it had been, it would have done something when it was in power for six years. Actually, then the party was a clever "Mauni Baba" in respect of Ram Temple.
    The BJP has always raked up the Ram Temple issue for electoral purposes. This issue is the Ajinomoto in BJP's political food. The Hindus can take pride for many things in the name of the old Sanathana Dharma. A Ram Temple at Ayodhya is not going to change anything. It is like a drop in the ocean.
    People of this nation, vast majority being Hindus, have a lot of problems. Raking Ram Temple issue when election is nearing is like distributing illicit spiritual brew to the voters.
    Difference between Advani and Modi
    In the current circumstances, it is note-worthy that Narendra Modi is not interested in raking the Ram Temple issue. On the contrary, he is stressing on development.
    Modi or Advani?
    Let us analyse the chance of each of the leader by numerology. Already 14 persons have become prime ministers of India. Interestingly, seven each are from the Congress and non-Congress parties. If the next PM is a new one, he or she will be the 8th.
    By theory of numbers, Advani and Modi have also a chance to become the PM. Modi and Advani are having birth number 8. Modi was born on September 17, 1950. Advani was born on November 8, 1929.
    Those born on 8, 17 and 26 of any month have birth number 8. But, birth date 17 is highly fortunate. More than anything else, the most salient feature of 17 is fame.
    Modi is now in his lucky age 62 (6+2=8). Advani is now 83-years-old. That is not a significant age for him. So, by considering various factors, Modi has a much better chance to be the PM candidate of the BJP than Advani.


    Narendra Modi begins his march to New Delhi
    MK Damodaran
    21 December, 2012
    The Gujarat election result has indisputably proved that Narendra Modi's political base is intact. His enemies driven by sheer jealousy, under the mask of pseudo secularism, have been pooh-poohed by the people of Gujarat.
    THE NARENDRA Modi baiters have been suffering from an unquenchable thirst for the blood of the strongman. I have no political inclination towards Narendra Modi, but I want to humbly submit certain simple facts.

    There were communal clashes even before the birth of Narendra Modi. There were communal clashes in Gujarat even before Modi came to be known as a leader, let alone becoming the CM of Gujarat!

    There were communal clashes in Andhra Pradesh when the Congress was ruling the state. There were such unfortunate incidents in Kerala, where BJP has not so far opened an account. The Delhi anti-Sikh riot of 1984 is still fresh in our memory. So, why the Sangh Parivar, especially, Narendra Modi, is singled out for virulent attack?

    Devil turns saint:

    Unfortunately and ridiculously any devil in India can be a saint within a few seconds, provided he or she sheds crocodile tears for the minorities. It is high time that the minorities understand the nefarious games of politicians.

    Modi powered by enemies:

    As a political student, I have been closely watching the the Modi phenomena with keen interest. I have come to the irresistible conclusion that, for all his growths, Modi owes more to his foes than friends.

    Know the Indian psyche:

    It is a plain fact that hysterical attacks against a leader or party, beyond a limit have always boomeranged in favor of the attacked. The BJP had only 2 seats in the first Lok Sabha election held after its formation on April 6, 1980. From there, it rose to a powerful party and continuously ruled for 6 years from 1998 to 2004. In Kerala, the CPI(M) has immensely helped the growth of BJP by the former’s virulent ideological propaganda.

    Case of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi:

    The Indian National Congress was totally wiped out from the Hindi belt in the 6th Lok Sabha election held in 1977. Even Indira Gandhi and son Sanjay were defeated. Morarji government was sworn in. After that the media and the leaders singled out Indira and Sanjay for attacks. Sanjay was pictured as the most villainous character ever born on earth.

    But the Morarji ministry crumbled soon. Mid-term election was held in 1980. Indira and Sanjay returned with a big bang. Sanjay became an icon. Unfortunately, he died in an air crash in 1980. Then, AB Vajpayee stated that it was like a sunset in mid-day.

    It may be noted that only a microscopic minority of media and leaders showed the guts to criticize Indira and Sanjay during emergency days! According to LK Advani, the media crawled when it was asked to bend.

    Modi the PM Candidate:

    Modi has now qualified the final test for his party's prime ministerial candidate. There is none to challenge him. He is now 62 years (6+2=8). His lucky numbers are 5 and 8. So, the year 2012, representing 5, is a turning point for him.

    Sonia Vs Modi:

    Sonia is also passing through a lucky age. There are striking similarities between Sonia and Modi. Fate number of both is 32 (3+2=5). Modi's birth date is 17. Occult number of Sonia is 17.

    Most probably, election will be preponed to 2013. The final fight for the post of PM will be between Modi and Sonia. The BJP will be totally energized. The congress will be surprised to see the helps even from its worst enemies, even without any request. Because, Modi will be on the other side. Briefly, there will be total political polarization. The third front will be rendered irrelevant.

    Interestingly, number 8 is significant for both Sonia and Modi. So far, 7 persons each from the congress and opposition parties have become Indian PM. The next person will be the 8th from the Congress or BJP. It may be Sonia or Modi.

    (About the Author: M.K. Damodaran is a noted numerologist, researching since 1989. He has many credible predictions to his name. The recent one, being the victory of Barack Obama in the just concluded American presidential elections.)



    I have been writing blogs about Roger Federer since 2007.
    Taking into account his influential numbers,I predict that Federer is likely to win atleast 19 grand slams.
    The maximum can be 23.
    But,he has to stay in the field up to and for. 2014
    His strong lucky number is 8.
    Number 8 is very strong for him as his fate number is also related to 8.
    He has already won 17 grand slams(1+7=8).

    The next lucky number for him is 5.
    His occult number is 50(5+0=5).
    The year 2012 represents 5.
    This year has been quite lucky for him.
    He regained his World No.1 rank.
    He won individual olympics medal(though silver).
    Earlier I had predicted that the year 2012 and London Games would be lucky for Federer.
    Federer first won the Wimbledon grand slam in 2003(2+0+0+3=5).
    In 2012 he equalled the record of Pete sampras.
    Next year he will be 32(3+2=5).
    Now he is 31(3+1=4).
    It is related to his zodiac sign Leo(representing 1 and 4).
    The occult number of the first name-Roger-is 19(1+9=10,1+0=1).
    Occult number of the second name-Federer-is 31.
    The US Open is going on.
    It is the 44th edition.
    So,it can be lucky for him.
    But Federer's final victory in the US Open 2012 cannot be predicted at this stage.
    Because,there is another person whose number 8 is as strong as that of Federer.
    He is Tsonga.
    Martina Navratilova was born on October 18,1956.
    It quite astonishing to note that she won 18 grand Slam singles titles.
    Addition of the digits of her date of birth gives 31(1+8+1+0+1+9+5+6=31).
    That is her fate number.
    She won 31 major women's doubles titles .
    Her name number is 55(5+5=10).
    She won 10 major mixed doubles titles.
    Quite surprising indeed!


    It is widely discussed that Rahul Gandhi will either join the ministry or immediately succeed Manmohan Singh.
    As per numerology,taking into account different permutations and combinations,it can happen before Rahul Gandhi turns 43 on June 19,2013.
    The fate number of Rahul is 33(3+3=6).
    The fate number of Nehru was also 33.
    Rahul is now 42 years(4+2=6).
    It is the 15th Lok Sabha(1+5=6).
    Rahul's birth number is 1.
    If Rahul becomes PM in 2012,it will be 46 years since Indira Gandhi first became PM.
    Also,it will be 28 years since Rajiv Gandhi first bacame PM.
    Besides,he will lead the 28th union ministry,since independence.
    If Rahul becomes the PM in the 15th Lok Sabha,he will be the 15th person to become the PM.
    As regards Rahul's chance in the 16th Lok Sabha,a prediction is not made now.
    Because,the possibilty of main opposition BJP and the most probable prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi are also to be analysed.
    Rahul Gandhi can take courage from Aung San Suu Kyi.
    Both share the same birthday.


    The US regained the number 1 position in medal tally.
    Gold is 46(4+5=10,1+0=1).
    The birth number of America is 4.
    The birth number of obama is also 4.
    Numbers 1 and 4 are lucky.
    The fate number of obama is 29.
    America won 29 silver and 29 bronze medals.
    Total medal is 104(1+0+4=5).
    I did not unambiguously predict that America would be first in medal tally.
    However I gave a strong hint.hint.
    On July 30,I wrote in blogs and facebook:-
    "The covetable victory of a nation in any olympics game is really a matter of luck for the President/Prime Minister of that country.
    Here let us consider the chance of America in London games.
    The luck of America is closely connected with the luck of Barack Obama.
    The birth number of America is 4.
    The birth number of Obama is also 4.
    He is the 4th youngest US President.
    He was elected President in the November 4,2008 election.
    America was the topper in 4 successive olympics from 1992 to 2004.
    It lost the monopoly 4 years back in Beijing Olympics.
    Will America retain the number one rank in London olympics?
    Three immediate predecessors of Obama together shared the luck of America in the four successive Olympics.So,Obama is the 4th man in waiting.
    George Bush was President at the time of Barcelona olympics in 1992.
    The 1996 Atlanta Games and 2000 Sydney Games were held during the Presidencies of Bill Clinton.
    The 2004 Athens Games and 2008 Beijing Olympics were held during the period of George W bush.
    If the lucky number 4 of America helps to retain the first rank and if Obama is elected US President again,the next Olympics games in 2016 will also be connectedwith the luck of Obama.
    The next olympics is the 31st edition(3+1=4).
    If the US emerges topper in London Games,that will be a birthday gift to Obama who turns 51 on August 4.
    Remember,China won 51 gold medals in Beijing Olympics.
    It was 15 more than that of America.
    The occult number of China is also 15.

    Apart from lucky number 4,number 2 is also very prominent for Obama.
    His fate number is 29(2+9=11,1+1=2).
    interestingly,the fate number of Michelle Obama is also 29.
    Obama was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.
    Obama was elected US president when he was 47 years(4+7=11,1+1=2).
    At that time Michelle was 44 years old(4+4=8).
    The birth number of Michelle is 8.
    Obama was elected 44th US President when his wife was 44 years old!"


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